Suranyi Dynanotex Alu Paddle

Suranyi Dynanotex Alu Paddle


After a few long years French manufactory, relaunched a slalom paddle manufacturing, entirely made in Chalèze.

The molding is done at very high pressure (20 tons) and with a very high density internal foam.

You can choose a "Dynel" blade tip, with which you will get excellent impact resistance, or an aluminum blade tip for perfect abrasion resistance.

Paddles are sold "kit" but we can prepare the assembly, just tell us in the comments the length you want and angle you want.


  • Length: 48.5 cm
  • Width: 21.5 cm
  • Surface area: 740 cm2
  • Diameter 27 mm


Handle in matt varnish finish, available in construction:

  • 30% carbon, 27-29.5: 230 gr
  • 60% carbon 27-29: 170 gr


Blade weight:

  • With Dynel reinforcement: 280-290 g the blades
  • With aluminum reinforcement: 290-300 g the blades
Blade tip

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